Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Easy Updates: Kitchen

We have recently done a few things to spruce up our kitchen decor. Come take a look around.....

First up we have the ever changing corner of the counter. I took a few of the cookbooks out of our cupboard and sat them in the corner. I used our flour/sugar/etc. containers as bookends.

The wall above our kitchen sink was looking a little bare.

So I took a shelf that we had laying around and put it up (okay, really Lee put the shelf up, he is good at hanging things on the wall). I made some DIY art (look for a future post about all our DIY art coming soon!) and grabbed a few accessories we weren't using and this is how it turned out....

The last two things are a couple updates that we did. We were using a cheap stainless steal container to hold our utensils by the stove. It looked dirty all the time (I am not a big fan of stainless steal) and was not holding up very well. I asked for a new white crock for Christmas and got one from my in-laws. It looks much better!

I recently purchased this awesome white plate from Marshall's for only $4.99. I thought it would be a much prettier way to hold our fruit/veggies on the counter than the mixing bowl we were using. Such a simple upgrade. Have you guys done any easy upgrades to your kitchens recently?

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