Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day

Happy Earth Day!!

It was one of my New Year's resolutions to continue on the "green" path and try to make our home even more eco friendly. Last year we made some easy swaps such as buying eco friendly dishwasher soap, buying recycled aluminum foil, shopping for all our produce at the farmer's market during the warmer months and using reusable shopping bags. Here is what we have added to our list so far this year...
1. Planting a "mini garden" using plants that came in plantable containers - look for an upcoming post on this!
2. Switching to a microfiber cloth for dusting - love it!
3. Making my own cleaners - I recently made my first cleaner and hope to try some others - again, look for an upcoming post on this!

Here are 3 things I plan to start doing soon...
1. Recycling - growing up my family has always recycled. This has been something that has been hard to do since I went to college and moved to an apartment in the city. The city I live in has curbside recycling but since we live in an apartment it doesn't apply to us. We also don't have much room to store recyclables in our apartment. However, on a recent trip to Target I noticed they now offer recycling. I figure we usually go to Target pretty often so when we do we can grab our stuff to recycle and go.
2. I need to figure out a new eco friendly solution to dryer sheets. Any suggestions that work for you?
3. I would like to switch over to soy candles. I have heard such good things about them.

Do you guys have any Earth Day inspired goals? Do you have any dryer sheet suggestions for me to try? What are your favorite Green products?

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