Wednesday, April 7, 2010


I had my first trash picking experience on Sunday night. I am not sure if you can really consider it trash picking but here is what happened. Lee and I decided to go for a walk early Sunday night (maybe work off some of that yummy Easter food we ate all weekend!). We live in a nice part of town and like to walk and look at the houses. We often talk about what we like about the different houses and what we want in our future house. As we were walking, we noticed a lot of stuff by the curb and a lot of people bringing stuff to their curb. I guess the next day was like a "junk day" in this neighborhood. It was kind of like a big free garage sale. We noticed some things that we could use and decided when we finished our walk we would come back with the SUV and see if they were still there. Here is what we ended up with....

I have been thinking of getting these same chairs (different color of course!) for a deck project I am planning. These free chairs fit right in the budget...I just need some spray paint!

I also picked up this ottoman. It needs some love but I think I can recover it. I already have a few ideas for it. Hopefully it turns out looking great!

Three planters came home with us. There are 2 wooden ones and one metal one. I am not sure if we will be able to use them all but I know my Mom will probably take whatever we don't use.

Lee picked up 5 of these big pots. We had a tomato plant last year on our deck. He would love to fill the deck full of pots with veggie plants. The guy needs a yard with a garden...someday!

We ended up with some good stuff and the best part is that it was all FREE! Have any of you ever done some trash picking? Stay tuned to see how all of our trash hopefully turns to treasure!


  1. Thanks! Hopefully it turns out well! Stay tuned...

  2. Wow! What great finds and from the trash.....who would have thought?