Thursday, January 28, 2010

House Tour: Master Bedroom

The last stop on our house tour is our master bedroom. It feels weird to call it a master bedroom because our bedroom is only a little bigger than the guest bedroom. This room is still a work in progress but we are getting there. I recently made the headboard (tutorial to come!) and am in love with it! We started a frame collage on one of the walls but it seems a little small so I would like to add to it. We need to find a chair to put in the corner by the window. I have a side table I would like to make to put by the chair but we need to find the chair first. I am also looking for a nightstand. We just stuck our old side table from the living room beside the bed until we find one. I have a paint treatment I would like to do to one so I am trying to find a inexpensive nightstand at Goodwill that I could paint. There is a lot of meaningful and personal "artwork" in our room that makes me smile when I look at it. I will share details about it in another post soon. For now, here are the pictures....

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