Wednesday, March 10, 2010


We have a lot of DIY art in our home. I like to be reminded of the people and places we love and have meaningful and interesting "art" around us.

Since we were just married in September, we have a few special pieces framed from that day. One of my aunts wrote a very meaningful letter to go with the gift they gave me at my wedding shower. I framed that letter and it hangs on the wall of our bedroom.
Another reminder of the day that I framed is the maid of honor speech my friend Amanda wrote. She wrote a poem that talks about our friendship and my relationship with Lee. (I know...she is so clever! Best MOH!)

I made this simple piece on the computer. It is just a fun way to display our wedding date in the collage we have on our bedroom wall.
The last 2 pieces are in our master bath (although they used to be in our dining room of our old apartment). I made this painting a few summers ago. I bought the canvas and spray painted it brown. After it fully dried, I dipped the top edges of a bucket and a smaller cup in paint and put them randomly down on the canvas. It turned out pretty well. I like that the circles aren't perfect and there are a few paint splatters.

The last piece of DIY art I will show you cost less than $1. I bought this chunky frame at Goodwill and spray painted it brown. I went to Menards and picked up a few paint chips (for free!) that matched the other art in the room. Then I just cut up the paint chips and arranged them on the cardboard back of the frame and taped them, simple and cute!

Have you guys done any DIY art recently? Do you have any fun personalized pieces in your home? I want to hear your ideas!

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  1. I don't really do artwork but I do a lot of craft projects using $1.00 store or bin to make cute things in a thrifty way. Great projects...thanks for your ideas. Come say hi!