Wednesday, March 3, 2010

How To Make a Headboard

There are many DIY headboard instructions out there. Mine are a combination of trial and error and reading many other headboard instructions. There are a few things I want to point out. We used a foam mattress pad that we bought at Wal-Mart. We found this to be MUCH cheaper than buying foam at a quilt shop. Also, we used a white flat bed sheet from Wal-Mart instead of fabric. I wanted a white headboard so this again was a MUCH cheaper option than buying white fabric. Make sure you iron the sheet before making the headboard. We used a heavy duty picture hanger to hang the headboard to the wall. I hope you find these instructions helpful. Happy headboard making!

Lightweight Wood (cut to size)
2-3” Foam (we used a mattress pad)
Quilter’s batting
Fabric (we used a bed sheet)
Spray Glue Adhesive
Button-Making Kit
Long Upholstery Needle
Fishing Wire
Staple Gun

1. Cut your wood (or have hardware store cut it) to size.
2. Measure out and mark where you want the button tufting to go.

3. Drill holes in the board where you want the buttons.

4. Spray one side of the board with the spray glue and place the foam on top. Trim off any extra so the sides are even with the board. Note: If you are using a mattress pad like we did, make sure the flat side is up. Do not glue the flat side to the board.

5. Spray the top of the foam with the spray glue and cover with the batting. Make sure there is enough batting on all sides to wrap around to the back of the board.

6. Let it sit for 10 minutes to make sure everything stays glued down. Flip it over so the batting and foam side is face down. Wrap batting around to the back of the board and staple into place.
7. Lay the fabric (bed sheet) on the floor with the back facing up. Make sure the fabric is flat and there is enough on all sides to wrap around to the back of the board. Lay the batted side of the board down on the fabric and position it in the center of the fabric.
8. Starting with the middle of the headboard, wrap the fabric around the board pulling tightly. Staple every inch or so until you get all the way around the headboard. Make sure you are keeping it pulled tight. Fold and staple the corners like you are wrapping a present.

9. Cover the buttons with your fabric and follow the instructions to make them on your kit.
10. Take your upholstery needle and fishing wire and poke through the back of the headboard to the front through the hole you drilled. Once you are through the front, string the button and poke back through the hole to the back. String the washer on the fishing wire and tie tightly to get the tufted look.

11. Repeat the above step for as many holes as you drilled.


  1. Looks great!! Currently in the process of making one for our bedroom!!

    I'm hosting a giveaway a@ my blog!! Stop by and check it out!!

  2. Thanks so much! Good luck with your headboard!!