Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Ikea Inspiration

I mentioned in my May favorites that we had recently taken a trip to Minneapolis. Since we were there we of course had to stop at Ikea! I can't wait until we have a house and can really shop there and implement their ideas and products. I wanted to share with you some of the things and set ups that caught my eye.

I love this dining room table and chairs. You know I love all things black and white so this set up is right up my alley. I also love the dishes and centerpiece. I have 3 of those candlesticks (they are in our bedroom). I love how they lined them down the center of the table...I will have to remember this!

These are some of the light fixtures that caught my eye. There were a lot of cool ones. This is one reason I can't wait to have a house. I would love to have some of these light fixtures.

I love this closet! I dream of having a huge closet someday. Something pretty and organized like this would be great- just add one of those awesome light fixtures to it. Someday....

I have had my eye on this mirror for awhile. I absolutely love it. I just wish I had a place to put it.

This bedroom caught my eye. It is very pretty, but not very masculine....

Have you been to Ikea lately? What are your favorite Ikea products?

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