Monday, December 28, 2009

After Christmas Sales

Lee and I were up early and at the good Target a little after 8:00 the day after Christmas. (The roads were still not the greatest here so Lee agreed to be my driver for the morning...thanks again Lee!) All the Christmas stuff was 50% off and I found some great stuff for next year!
I found this tube of silver ornaments for $5 and this ball of 28 silver and cream ornaments for only $5. These are very neutral and pretty so we will be able to use them for many years to come.

I bought these to go on our tree next year. I think the ball ornaments are very pretty and elegant. They were a little more expensive at $3 each but I couldn't pass them up! I already bought 4 of the hanging jewels earlier for our tree and really liked them. So at only $0.50 each I bought 4 more to add next year.

Next year I plan to make an Advent calendar. I saw it on one of my favorite blogs Bower Power (link is on the left sidebar) and fell in love with it. I bought a couple ornaments last week at Michaels for 50% off and found some more good ones on Saturday at Target for this project. The peace letters and deer were only $0.50 and the star (my favorite) was $1.50. I have a good star to this project now.

We also made a stop at Pier 1 on our way home. I have had my eye on these napkins but didn't want to spend that much money on them. At 50% off I snatched them up! I picked up two red ones and two white ones for under $8! I definitly think I can use them for more than just Christmas too. It was a successful trip and I can't wait to decorate next year!

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